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Mont Tremblant Real Estate

Reduce Your Environmenal Footprint

Rent an environmentally-responsible accommodation in Mont Tremblant

Make a difference for environment’s sake.  Be the change!  Our every day actions, whether we realize it or not, can have a serious impact on our planet and our health.

At Tremblantliving we take matters of the environment and the health of all living things to heart. We are conscious that the tourism industry we are part of, more often than not, has some undesirable impacts on the environment. We believe that vacationing and travel can be part of a sustainable lifestyle with the right choices when planning a vacation.

When it comes to accommodation choices, Tremblant Living accommodations are near the top of the environmentally-friendly/low-impact choices list. Why?  Because you, the vacation home renter, control this impact as if you were in your own home!

Reduce Your Environmenal Footprint

Each quarter, we examine our company and its operations and look for ways to lessen our footprint.  We communicate it because it is strongly ingrained in our values and because we strongly believe that change starts with ourselves. We want to make a positive impact by being a change agent through giving the example and educating people. 


Offset your carbon emissions

We recommend that all travelers to Tremblant ,no matter what their mode of transportation, offset their carbon Emissions with Zerofootprint , an internationally recognized Canadian-based organization.

Rent accommodations from a genuinely environment-conscious company

In addition, Tremblant Living not only has very high environmental standards in its main rental property offering but it also, as a company, operates with the environment in mind with the following principles:




  • Our cleaning and maintenance partners have strong environmentally-friendly practices.  As much as possible, they do not use products with harsh chemicals and resort to simple cleaning solutions that do not use strong perfumes and ingredients.
  • We provide recycling bags and bins (Tremblant also has a great recycling program).
  • Our cleaning staff will only wash sheets and towels during your stay if requested therereby saving tons of water and energy.
  • Our rental properties use clean energy (hydro power) keeping carbon emissions to a minimum.  When a rental property is not in use, all of its systems are brought down to minimal energy consumption.
  • Many of the main homes featured on our website use compact fluorescent light bulbs.
  • We favour environmentally conscious partners for our collaborators in catering, concierge, team-building and event-planning services.
  • We are a virtual office and each team member works from their home office. Therefore, no one has to commute to work, saving tons of carbon emissions per year. Also, each team member at Tremblant Living controls the heat and cooling settings in his/her home office.
  • We are a lean electronic-based company minimizing our use of paper. When we do use paper, we re-use it and then we recycle it!
  • Tremblant Resort has a strict sustainable practices and has endorsed the National Ski Areas Association Slopes Environmental Charter as it pertains to its terrain development.  Skiing at Tremblant means skiing at an environmentally friendly ski hill.
  • When making decisions in the course of our business and our personal lives, we always question ourselves on how to minimize the impacts on the environment because the impact of an unexamined life is far too great and irresponsible for future generations.



  • Tremblant’s natural environment outside of the resort proposes a beautiful natural landscape and many outdoor adventures that will inspire nearly anyone to want to preserve its Laurentian beauty.
  • We ask guests to control heating/cooling systems in a responsible manner. Unlike in a hotel where heating and cooling is on 24/7.
  • Our literature and instructions requests that renters recycle and minimize their garbage.
  • We provide additional literature in our Tremblant vacation homes on being a responsible steward of the environment. Perhaps our guests will go home a litlle ‘greener’.
  • We encourage those renting from us to offset the carbon the emitted getting to and from the vacation rental property. Remember also that vacationing in Tremblant provides much fun and activities close to the properties, thereby reducing carbon emissions while renters are vacationing. 



  • Each year, we donate money to environmental causes locally and internationally.
  • Tremblantliving is a proud partner of a kids' camp located near Tremblant for foster children to come and enjoy nature together.


Environmental partnerships and certifications... Coming soon!