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Yoga Bloom Mont Tremblant

Apr 11th, 2012 by James Fraser | 0

Yogabloom offers small and highly attentive yoga classes using unique equipment such as slings, ropes and massage rollers. These props allow participants to explore postures by working with instead of against gravity to create spaciousness and release tension. Class themes vary according to the unique needs of the participants. An emphasis is placed on proper alignment and a meditative approach to movement. Those with heart, back, hip, knee, neck, shoulder , foot++ issues can learn how to approach yoga and other physical activities in a manner which enhances their well-being. Each class begins and ends with a settling in exploration which calms the nervous system and helps full relaxation.

Workshops bring together yoga/arts/healing/healthy cooking/yoga-trekking/snowshoeing/cross-country skiing & specialized yoga massage – this is what they call Yoga Bliss – “yogabloom on the roll“.

Corporate group & on site hotel yoga, yoga parties, and training for yoga teachers is available. Programs are created for your unique needs. We are located in a glorious setting overlooking a tranquil lake just a few minutes away from Tremblant village.

Classes are small and virtually individualized with lots of cool equipment. They start at $17.50 not $20. Scholarships are available so that anyone who wants to learn yoga has the opportunity.

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