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Tremblant International Blues Festival

Jul 16th, 2014 by James Fraser | 0

Mont-Tremblant area, already well known internationally for its numerous outdoor activity possibilities & unique pedestrian village, also offers a wide variety of fun and diversified spring-summer festivals and events.

The area becomes the place of choice to assist or participate in events such as triathlons, Iron man
championships, concerts, music festivals, races, tournaments and much more.

One of these events is the Tremblant International Blues Festival: In July, over 130 free concerts with
dozens of renowned artists from all around the world are performing over the course of the 10 days of
the biggest summer happening in Tremblant. This festival will for sure make you dance. It is a great way
to combine the discovery of Tremblant’s gorgeous sceneries, fun activities and lifestyle with taking part
in the summer most popular entertainment happening of the area!

One of our personal favourites is to enjoy the music playing in the background from one of the terraces
on Place St-Bernard. It is simply refreshing to look at the crowd dancing to the rhythms and amazing
voices from the bands playing on the stage of Place St-Bernard, up top of the pedestrian village.

Music & concerts usually start at noon, so why not enjoy Tremblant in the morning. There is so much to
do! Biking, hiking, canoeing, bird watching, shopping, and swimming in the Tremblant Lake are some of
the few activities I love, but there is so much more to do…! Click here for Tremblant Summer activities ideas.

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