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Tips To Ski Tremblant

Feb 7th, 2014 by James Fraser | 0

Picturing myself on top of the hill on a nice sunny day with fresh powder under my skis awaiting my first tracks of the day…. What an amazing feeling!

This year is a special one for Mont-Tremblant; it is the 75th ski season and I consider myself lucky to be able to enjoy everything this fantastic mountain has to offer with my “40 year old child heart”. No matter how many times I have skied Tremblant, I always find myself discovering something new about this amazing hill.

I thought I would share with you a few very useful local’s tips provided by a friend of mine. She is one of our very experienced and very dedicated Hospitality Managers: Ms. Maëlle Tremblay. Having lived in the area for over 15 years, she knows the mountain by heart. These tips are a must for a Mont-Tremblant first time visitor and even for the experienced skiers/snowboarders in you, as you might didn’t even know about them!

Favorite warm up runs:

North Side: Beauchemin & P’tit Bonheur, they go on forever and are super wide so you can carve all the way down!

Morning runs:

North Side is my favorite, especially in the morning.  You can find great wide runs that go on forever to warm up your legs.

After lunch runs:

Take on the South Side after a nice warm lunch at the top.  The sun had time to warm up the snow and the wind usually dies down – On really windy days, the North Side is the best all day long.

North Side favorite runs:

  • La Griffe – it’s steep, it turns, it’s my favorite, especially right after a big snowfall and it gets those nice smooth moguls!
  • La Supérieur – did you know that the island in the middle was left there because a woodpecker had its nest there?  We call it L’ile au Pic (Pecker’s island).

Begginers runs:

  • Beauchemin, P’tit Bonheur, Fuddle Dudle are perfect and you can practice all day long and never get bored!

South Side favorite runs:

  • Kandahar – Steep and long, perfect for short turns…
  • Beauvallon – A classic!
  • Grand Prix – Especially on snow days, that’s when you get really nice moguls!

Versant Soleil:

Well I could stay on the Toboggan all day, it changes all the way down, great views, great turns, nice and steep too!

To make sure you really enjoy your day at the hill, I suggest you have a quick look at the forecast and see if fresh powder is ahead!  - Click Here:  Mont Tremblant Weather

P.S.: Should you be interested in renting ski/snowboarding rentals you should have a quick peak at this website for rental equipment locations – Click Here: Ski & Snowboard Rentals Mont-Tremblant

This makes me want to jump on my skis and go…!

See you on the slopes!

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