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Top 10 ways to reduce our environment footprint

Jul 28th, 2011 by James Fraser | 0

Top 10 ways to reduce our environment footprint with our vacation rental properties

Going green and being earth-friendly is easier than you might think. The following tips are just some of the helpful environmental actions we, at Tremblant Living, do as part of our eco-friendly company philosophy, to benefit the environment and a sustainable tourism development. Being environmentally friendly is just good economics and it’s so simple!

Here are some examples of actions we take to reduce our environmental impact in our vacation homes:

  1. During the winter season, thermostats temperatures are kept at 17 degrees Celsius when the property is not used.  Tremblant Living strongly encourages our renters to lower the thermostats to 17° Celsius when they check out;
  2. During the summer season, maintaining thermostats at 23°Celsius ensures that the air conditioning does not start quite as often when property is vacant;
  3. Lowering spa temperature when the property is not used;
  4. Closing all blinds during day time helps keep the warm rays of the sun out which helps to reduce the air conditioning demand;
  5. Providing several ashtrays outside avoids cigarettes butts to be tossed on the land;
  6. Re-using old beach towels and linens for rags reduces guests using quality bath towels and paper towels to clean up messes or wiping skis, boots, bikes… A rag basket is provided in each property for guests to use;
  7. Our complimentary soaps are 3 in 1 (hands/ body/hair) from a Canadian organic brand;
  8. All cleaning products provided in our properties are “eco-friendly” labeled – dishwasher tabs, dish washing soap, laundry soap, recycled paper towels and toilet paper
  9. Changing regular light bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL)in areas such as closets, garages, everywhere where no ambiance light is required;
  10. All of our properties are equipped with recycling bins;

And for more information on our environmental actions and company philosophy, we invite you to take a look at the environment dedicated section of our website:

On behalf of Tremblant Living team, please “protect”, “sensitize”, and “give back”!

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