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juil. 13th, 2010 by James Fraser | 0

When you spend your vacation in one of our luxury rentals one thing you will have to decide is what to do in regards to food, should you eat in or experience one of tremblants great restaurants, we recommend you do both!

Some guests might hit the same top 5 favorite restaurants every year, whether it be Coco Pazzo for their fabulous Linguini Pescatore or Caisey’s for some fajitas and burgers. There are dozens of fabulous restaurants on and off the pedestrian resort to suit all palates, budgets and mood. A great place to browse the selection is, where you can view each restaurant’s menu online or browse resto’s by category. You might fine dine at The Grill La Forge one night and have a romantic table at the Q the next.

What you may not know though is one thing that is becoming more and more popular with some of our renters is catering. Most of us might think that you only use a catering service for a wedding or a large function but the trend among our guests renting homes, chalets and condos has gone toward the service of catering in-house. Garçons Poele, a restaurant located on Lac Mercier, often find themselves catering small events or family gatherings of less than a dozen people in one of the homes we rent for their holiday. Milly’s also has a great catering menu and offers a variety of succulent mini canapés or tasty pasta dishes. They will even do a ‘lunch box’ arrangement if you know you will be hitting the beach for the day.

Another popular trend in Montreal, Ottawa and Mont Tremblant are cupcakes. If you’re invited to someone’s home for a dinner and don’t know what to bring, don’t hesitate to order homemade, fresh cupcakes from ‘Eat Cake’. Local owner Sue Brown, truly makes the best cupcakes in town, not only are they beautifully sculpted but they taste divine as well!

Mont Tremblant offers a fantastic assortment of culinary options for your taste buds that will make your stay a memorable experience.

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