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Tremblant International Blues Festival

Jul 16th, 2014 by James Fraser | 0

Mont-Tremblant area, already well known internationally for its numerous outdoor activity possibilities & unique pedestrian village, also offers a wide variety of fun and diversified spring-summer festivals and events.

The area becomes the place of choice to assist or participate in events such as triathlons, Iron man
championships, concerts, music festivals, races, tournaments and much more.

One of these events is the Tremblant International Blues Festival: In July, over 130 free concerts with

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A Dream Place for the Photographer in You

Feb 27th, 2014 by James Fraser | 0

There is something about this place that makes me smile, relax and want to take pictures about anything and everything.  Our 2 year old is always ready to pack up and go when we pronounce the word Tremblant. “Bagaze maman?” is our favorite sentence! As funny as this can sound, his little toy camera is one if the first items he puts in his “bagaze” (baggage); that is probably due to the fact that he constantly sees everyone around him…

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